Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Country Walk with spectacular views

We decided as it was such a beautiful morning to go for a long walk down to the coast. We set off purposefully towards a popular track that leads down to the sea between Hill Head and Solent Breezes. I hadn't been down this track for years and thought it would be overgrown with nettles and brambles but it was clear and well marked. We passed farmers fields and blackberry bushes along the way until the solent came into view. It's a pity I didn't have my camera. The scenery was picture postcard perfect. A calm sea shimmering in the morning sun and dotted with the white sails of little boats sailing to the Isle of Wight or perhaps to the Hamble river. Wecould seee the little beach huts at Calshot and the only blot on the horizon was the ugly chimney of Fawley power station. We walked along the top of the clifts and passed several people walking their dogs, all with a cheery good morning. Eventually we came to Solent Breezes holiday camp and fancied stopping for coffee. Unfortunately the cafe was closed until midday so we walked around the site admiring the little chalets and their neat gardens and continued towards Warsah common and home.

I expect we covered at least 6 miles. We made coffee as soon as we got indoors and sat outside on the patio. Our neighbours was doing some gardening and we told them where we had been. We all agreed that we sometimes don't appreciate what's right on our doorstep and I'm glad we've redisovered one of the nicest walks in the area.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I've started the big project

I started my novel a few weeks ago but scrapped it (or most of it, anyway). Today, after much character preparation I've started again. This will be a challenge to see if I can write something towards it most days, if not every day. By Christmas, I would like to be a good half way through it. I don't think that's too big a challenge.

Do you know something? I don't like bank holidays. You think twice about going anywhere in case the roads are too busy so you end up staying in or if you don go out, don't venture too far. What's more, the weather is always a disappointment. Today is no exception. This morning was dull and looked like rain at any minute. This afternoon has had some bright spells but as I type, the sun has gone in and it's gloomy again. This always happens on a bank holiday weekend.

So what better way to spend this afternoon but writing. I'm feeling quite creative and I'm going to close this blog (mainly because I haven't got anymore to say) and continue with the opening pages of the story.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another good week.

Had a very nice weekend in my birthplace, Southport. Went shopping along Lord Street, dined at an excellent restaurant called "The Barking Frog" or was it "The Banking Frog"? (it was in an old bank building). Went to Formby and the red squirrel sanctuary but didn't see any. However, on the way home we did a small detour to Crosby to see Anthony Gormley's statues on the beach but the tide was in and most of them were submerged. However, we did see a red squirrel running across the road!

I've had a letter published in FMN. Just a small success, I know but it's all going in the right direction hopefully. I've finished Assignment 5 for the WB and am itching to send it off but I haven't had feedback from Assignment 4 yet. I've had an article published on Bukisa.

I've outlined in detail the plot for my novel after deleting about 8,000 words of drivel. This time I intend to get it right.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Time to press the submit button more

I've been finding lots of outlets for writing this week again. A student on the WB has suggested a few on line sites. One is called Bukisa and I have already submitted an article on re-organising your wardrobe. I wrote it out in long hand first and then typed it up. I have several more ideas for on line articles so watch this space. For my Bukisa articles go to www.bukisa.com/people/JacquelineField. Now watch the dollars roll in (ha ha).

I've also submitted some other stuff to magazines by e-mail. I type it out, check for spelling and grammar and then I should press 'send'. Problem is, I'm always worried I could have worded it better or maybe I've not been too clever with my grammar and that leads me to re-reading and re-rreading before sending it off. What a time waster this is. There comes a time when you simply have to let go of a piece of work and send it off knowing you've done the best you could.

I'm off to Southport for the weekend. I hope the weather is kind.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A week of creativity

Socially it's been a very quiet week so I have been able to get on with my writing. I have read a great book, 'How to Write Short Stories for Magazines' by Sophie King that has inspired me. This gave me several ideas for short stories and I have just finished one today that I intend to send off when I have edited it to perfection.

I entered an on-line travel competition this week but didn't win. I spent a long time getting the piece right and thought I was in with a chance.

Got another writing website to think about - ArticlesBase.com. They don't pay like Suite 101 but it's worth a try. I have a couple of things in mind to contribute.

I am busy writing up Assignment 5 for the Writers Bureau.

Oh, another thing. I have lost a little bit of weight that has pleased me no end. It seems the eating and exercise plan are working this time.

I'll keep you all posted.