Monday, 25 October 2010

Nice to See You All Again

On Friday 22nd October, I went to the Writing Buddies meeting. Hadn't been for a while because of Spain and it was nice to catch up with everyone and hear what they are up to. Some new faces appeared and I hope they will continue to come along. The new website looks very good and there is a link to this blog! A real incentive now to keep it up to date.

The assignments for the Writers Bureau are coming along very well. I'm just editing number 6 out of 8 and have got number 7 in hand.

I'm off to Southport this week to see my cousin who is still in hospital after suffering a stroke. I hope he will make a full recovery but it's still too early to tell.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My First Success

I submitted a 'blog' to Woman's Own magazine a few weeks ago and it was published a couple of weeks ago plus photo of me! I was browsing through the magazine section of our local shopin Spain, that sells a few UK publications and picked up Woman's Own just to see if I'd been lucky as I have been checking the mag each week and lo and behold there it was!! This has really spurred me on to submit more articles and has been a much needed confidence boost.

I hope to tell you about more successes in the future.

Back from Spain (again)

Arrived back in the UK on Monday evening having driven through France to St. Malo (my favourite place in France) and then the ferry home.

I haven't been writing very much, I'm afraid. I've done quite a bit of work towards THE NOVEL but not even thought about the next assignment with the Writers Bureau. There was so much happening at the house in Spain. Lots of work had been done and we had a major refit of the house to cope with and as we had added lots of new space I spent several days re-organising everything. We had people to stay and went to Granada for a couple of days (wonderful;) and then there were other friends to catch up with that live near us in Spain.

I find it very hard to stick to a routine in Spain that's conducive to writing. The ideal time is the afternoons because they are long and you can sit outside with a laptop so it sounds ideal doesn't it? However, it's easy to get distracted and I prefer to lock myself away when I'm trying to be creative and the house in Spain isn't big enough for that.

Now I'm back at home and ready to get the ball rolling again.