Thursday, 10 November 2011

I've Won a prize!!

Yes, folks I've won a prize. I'm the runner up in a Writer's News Short Story Competition. My entry was called 'WarBaby' and when I was in Spain I got an email from the editor to congratulate me on winning second prize. Now, I've read a few winning entries for this comoetiton (a monthly one) in the past and I can say that the standard is high so I was over the moon to get second prize. It is a real confidence booster. Needless to say, since then I have been busy entering some more compeitions. I have just finished a short story for another 'Writer's News' comp where the subject is a workaholic. I am quite pleased with how this story is shaping up so far and can't wait to send it off when I am fully satisfied with it.

What else? The novel is finished and printed off. I decided, after reading lots of articles on editing, that it would be best to edit a hard copy. The mss fits snugly into a green box file.

After reading a blog called 'Magazine Madness' I have decided to follow Helen Yedall's advice and start penning letters to magazines. I've only sent one so far but I have only just discovered this encouraging website.

What else? Oh yes, I'm learning to ballroom dance. Perhaps there are articles awaiting from this new hobby?