Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Resolutions - What Resolutions?

Do I make resolutions at New Year? Mmm, good question. I used to make a whole list, writing them down in a pretty notebook. I don't make them anymore. I think it's because I always set myself goals throughout the year. For example, I set a goal to finish my Writer's Bureau Course by the end of 2010 and to have my last assignment sent off. This was achieved. I said I would have the first draft of the NOVEL written by the end of the year. This wasn't achieved but I did manage around 30,000 words - not much, really but a good start.

I think it's better to have continuous goals to work towards rather than make a long list on New Year's Eve to see most of them broken by the end of January. You have to be realistic too. It's pointless saying you will shed two stone by February when you know that would be nigh on impossible unless you starved yourself. It's daft to say you'll finish your book, edited as well, by Easter when you haven't even started it. Unless you want to spend 24/7 at the computer, you aint gonna get it done!

My current goals (that have nothing to do with it being a new year) are to have the first draft of my book completed by Easter. I think this is very reasonable because Easter is later this year so that gives me a few extra weeks and so far I have now written 43,000 words to date.

My other goals are ongoing personal ones that I am giving 6 months to achieve or be well on the road to achieving.

I will keep you posted on progress.

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